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Laura Boulanger directrice Marketing & Communication de la Foire de Paris :

« Ce qui rend pour moi l'offre unique et fondamentale, c'est l'audience. En plus de cela, Sortir à Paris nous accompagne à la perfection : les résultats sont au rendez-vous »

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Foire de Paris "Sortiraparis en quelques mots ? Affinité, accompagnement, efficacité" #MerciSAP #Affinite


Antoine Nguyen, manager of
Connect, talks about his experience:

« Customers with a strong
purchasing power came in store thanks to Sortir à Paris, which boosted our visibility in Paris

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Connect Paris Concept Store "Sortiraparis in a nutshell? Efficiency, concrete, profitable" #ThankYouSAP #Profitability

outdoor recreation

Joris Colire, co-founder of Accrocamp, talks about his experience:

« Sortir à Paris listens to our needs. We did a communication on Sortir à Paris, we were literally overwhelmed over the weekend »

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hitchhiking "Sortiraparis in a nutshell? Multilingual, ultra responsive, ROI" #ThankYouSAP #ReturnOnInvestment


Nin HANAFI, from the Indonesian restaurant DJakarta Bali, talks about her experience:

« Sortiraparis allows companies like us to make themselves known and gain maximum visibility. It is very important to have a media that ensures us regularity »

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djakartabali "Sortiraparis in a few words? Attentive, responsive, maximum visibility" #ThankYouSAP #Efficiency


Aurélie PERRETEN and Stéphanie DARDENNE, from the Museum of the Great War in Meaux, talk about their experience:

« The advantage of Sortiraparis is that it allows us to open up the spectrum to the widest possible audience. It is THE reference site for us, the one that brings us the most contacts »

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m2gmeaux "Sortiraparis in a few words? Simplicity, speed, affinity" #ThankYouSAP #EaseofUse


Richard Bormann and Sacha de Paz, from the Parisian circus Bormann, talk about their experience:

« Sortiraparis has been very important to us, they bring us audiences. We had a lot of calls, a lot of emails, people were there »

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cirquebormannmorenoofficiel "Sortiraparis in a nutshell? Affinity audience, availability of the team" #ThankYouSAP #Affinity

Indoor leisure

Valentin and Arnaud from The Edge talk about their experience:

« We are extremely happy with what is happening to us with Sortiraparis. With all these visits, we can grow and open other establishments! »

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theedge_vr "Sortiraparis in a nutshell? Powerful, boost, availability" #ThankYouSAP #Power

Powerful, Modern, Fast, Efficient


Access more than 5 million tourists every month and 5 million francilians in search of outings!


Announce a new product or service, or a new event? Sortiraparis provides you with a dedicated space to spread your news in 1 click!


Diversify your customers to fill your hollow periods. For the majority of our customers, Sortiraparis is their biggest visitors generator!

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Thanks again for your help on this campaign! I really enjoy this collaboration.

Gospel Festival

Our event went very well. We thank you to the public!


The exhibition worked very well, with a lot of feedback from people who read your article!


Tout s’est très bien passé, beaucoup de monde à Vincennes (plus de 10 000), c’est très positif !

La Rêverie

We are pleased to see your readers' sincere interest in our establishment.


We still had reservations today with the promo code, a big thank you!


Your work is always very top, attractive, incredibly fast and effective! Bravo and thank you!

Fête des Loges

Thank you so much it's really great, what a pleasure to work with the Sortir à Paris team!


The inauguration of our new bar in one of our hotels took place very well, thank you.

Eure and Loir

The campaign worked really well, we're happy, thank you for that!

Beer Spa Paris

We see the increase in our bookings via our promo code. With you, I'm very happy with the work.


On avait besoin de remplir une croisière électro. C'était génial, on a fait sold out grâce à Sortiraparis !

Muses de Paris

Elodie de Sortiraparis est vraiment adorable ! Un immense merci à elle pour son soutien.

Région Normandie

Merci pour ce bilan, le dispositif nous a apporté une belle visibilité !

Hippodrome de Paris

Les stories sont géniales, les inscriptions à l’événement ont bien monté depuis, top !

Paradox Museum

Les retours Sortiraparis sont effectivement visibles ! Merci pour ce beau lancement.

Soirées Monsieur Cirque

Sortir à Paris nous a amené un flux plus important de clients étrangers !

Nad Compagnie

Un très grand merci à l'équipe de Sortiraparis pour leur accompagnement de qualité

Bis Boutique

Bonjour Sortir à Paris, je vous remercie pour ce retour complet et très encourageant !

Association Prévention Routière

C'était parfait, un grand merci pour votre soutien !

Foire de Paris

We would like to thank Elodie de Sortiraparis for her accompaniment and great reactivity (particularly on the last straight line). Her valuable help as well as that of the entire Sortiraparis team made the success of this partnership. Another great bravo for your unwavering dedication!


First of all, we wanted to thank you for the support with Disney Channel. Super for the effectiveness of communication, the tickets were booked very quickly! Thank you very much for the statistics, it's really top as performances!


The Sortiraparis team is very attentive and ultra responsive. What is important is the tool they have developed, which is very powerful and which allows companies like us to make us known and access to maximum visibility. And the effect gets felt quickly.

Great War Museum

The advantage of Sortiraparis is that it allows us to open the spectrum to the widest possible audience. It's the site that brings us the most contacts, so it's essential. What I love most is the team behind. They are authentic, available and beautiful!

The Edge

In a cultural activity, it is very important that we find an accompanying person who can help us in our daily communication. We found the perfect contact with Sortiraparis. As soon as we had a question, we were impressed because we had an immediate answer.

Cirque Bormann

Sortiraparis was really important to us. They bring us a lot of public. The sauce took and we quickly realized it worked well. The return is really good. People are at the meeting. Since we started working with Sortiraparis, I think we can't do without it anymore.

Bla Bla Comedy Show

We're really happy. Let's see, we applauded the room at the end of our stand-up show, asking who just came out of Sortiraparis. And there's more than a third of the room standing by! It's really much more than we expected.

Coffee Garden

Heureusement que vous existez ! Votre site Sortir A Paris est tellement connu que notre coffee shop dans le 9ème arrondissement est plein en permanence. Vous êtes vraiment bien plus efficace qu'une agence ! Merci à toute l'équipe Sortir A Paris pour cette superbe visibilité.

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