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Drouot Heritage

Thank you for your help! I look forward to this collaboration.

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Gospel Festival

Our event went very well. We thank you to the public!

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The exhibition worked very well, with a lot of feedback from people who read your article!

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We are pleased to see your readers' sincere interest in our establishment.

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We still had reservations today with the promo code, a big thank you!

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Your work is always very top, attractive, fast, effective! Bravo and thank you!

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Feast of Lodges

Thank you so great, what a pleasure to work with the Sortir team in Paris!

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Paris fair

We would like to thank Elodie de Sortiraparis for his accompaniment and great reactivity (particularly on the last straight line). His valuable help as well as that of the entire Sortiraparis team made the success of this partnership. Another great bravo for your unwavering dedication!

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First of all, we wanted to thank you for the support with Disney Channel. Super for the effectiveness of communication, the squares filled out very quickly! Thank you very much for the statistics, it's really top as performances!

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The Sortiraparis team is very attentive and very responsive. The important is the tool they have developed, which is very powerful and which allows companies like us to make us known and access to maximum visibility. And the effect gets felt quickly.

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Great War Museum

The advantage of Sortiraparis is that it allows us to open the spectrum to the widest possible audience. It's the site that brings us the most contacts, so it's essential. What I love most is the team behind. They are authentic, available and beautiful!

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The Edge

In a cultural activity, it is very important that we find an accompanying person who can help us in our daily communication. We found the perfect contact with Sortiraparis. As soon as we had a question, we were impressed because we had an immediate answer.

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Cirque Bormann

Sortiraparis was very important to us. They're bringing us to the public. The sauce took and we quickly realized it worked well. The return is really good. People are at the meeting. Since we started working with Sortiraparis, I think we can't do it anymore.

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Bla Bla Comedy Show

We're really happy. Let's see, we applauded the room at the end of our stand-up show, asking who just came out of Sortiraparis. And there's more than a third of the room standing by! It's really much more than we expected.

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Want to reach our millions of readers exclusively? Don't wait for our readers to inquire about a release, contact them exclusively by email and on our social networks. Our Communications offers highlight your sponsored publication, validated with a follow-up manager, for a mastery of your communication.

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You're talking about sponsored publication, what is it?

A sponsored publication means that you write your content with your teams, like that, you keep it control of your communication to our millions of readers.

Only exception: it is quite possible to highlight an article already written by one of our journalists, in this case, it is done without the right to look at the already existing content. Otherwise, we will propose you to write your own content, with the visible sponsored mention of readers.

A dedicated follow-up task will accompany you in all stages of your communication as soon as your campaign is validated. You will receive models and BAT (good to pull) of all the products you need to send, which you can adjust and validate.

Can we track its performance?

You have the opportunity to follow your links, to analyze the performance of your ad on Sortiraparis.

Do-follow links are formally prohibited and will be automatically deleted by our moderators when checking your content.

Will we receive a report?

Yes, one bilan final de communication is sent to you within 10 days of the end of your Communication on Sortiraparis. This report includes the key figures of your communication campaign as well as the visuals associated with reserved products.

Can we receive a quote?

Yes! You can receive a quote in the form of an order to insert your communications, to send us signed as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible at the address promotion@sortiraparis.comso that we block the products requested on the requested dates. Communications may be activated on the date of your choice, upon receipt of your signed Order of Insertion.

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