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Questions about our PRO SEO Offers ?
Questions about our Communication Offers?

PRO SEO offers

Who are the Referencing PRO, Referencing PRO+ and Referencing PRO Max offers aimed at?

The SEO PRO offers are aimed at all professionals and business managers in Paris and Île de France.

They allow you to have a showcase for your news on our Sortiraparis website, and to highlight your establishment or your upcoming events on our guides of the moment, and on the most visited articles in your category on Sortiraparis. We guarantee you 100,000 sponsored insertions in 30 days.

The SEO PRO+ and SEO PRO Max offers allow you to go further in your communication by reaching our Facebook/Instagram communities via stories (520,000 Facebook fans + 130,000 Instagram fans). The PRO Max offer adds access to +1.2 million newsletter / push notification subscribers, once a month, and shared with other released ads. For exclusive communication via Facebook/Instagram/Tiktok posts or dedicated newsletters, go to our Communication products.

What does the SEO PRO Expert offer correspond to?

The PRO Expert SEO offer offers the support from a press relations manager for your sponsored posts, who will manage your content. As with other SEO PRO offers, you keep control of your content before validation!

You are talking about a sponsored publication, what is the difference with an article?

Your business listing is YOUR sponsored article on Sortiraparis, the showcase of your news on our website.

You write the content, to have control of your communication with our millions of readers, and can modify your sponsored post at any time, via your customer area or by simple email to our dedicated team.

Do you have an event to announce, or an establishment that is opening? Your SEO PRO guarantees you visibility in 48 hours max!

Why is a PRO SEO effective? Do you guarantee a reading count on our sponsored post?

We guarantee you a minimum of 100,000 insertions on our guides of the moment and the most read articles in your category on Sortiraparis. However, the success of your PRO SEO depends on your communication.

Write your text as if you want to convince your friends: attractive content, beautiful photos, and you will have all the keys to success.

How can we be sure that the promotion has been made?

As soon as you subscribe, you receive access to your customer area. This is your control center.

You will find there the number of times your post is viewed, the screenshots of the guides on which your publication was placed, as well as the average time of interest of our readers on your publication.

Our event is in 10 days, what to do?

No worries, a short email to our monitoring team and we can offer you a option BOOST, with the 100,000 insertions displayed before the end of your event. You can also decide to take advantage of your SEO Pro for 30 days and change your sponsored post from your past event, to promote your future news.

Do we have to take out a subscription?

Nope‚ÄĮ! PRO SEO is a default subscription when subscribing, renewed automatically every 30 days, but it is completely possible for you to cancel the subscription from the day of subscription on your customer area or by simple email. Your subscription will be canceled but you will benefit from your Pro Referencing for 30 days following your payment, in order to test our offers.

Can I pay by SEPA transfer?

Yes, it is possible to pay by bank transfer, but this will delay the start of your Pro Referral. Our Shopify partner takes about 7 to 12 days for the processing of a SEPA credit transfer.


Communication offers

What are your advertising offers on Sortiraparis?

Want to reach our millions of readers exclusively? Don't wait for our readers to inquire about a release, contact them exclusively by email and on our social networks. Our Communications offers highlight your sponsored publication, validated with a follow-up manager, for a mastery of your communication.

We have different products, for different certified targets:

The offer "Communication Test" invites you to test one of the three communication channels, when the "Standard Communication" offer allows you to reach all our readers from their favorite reading channel. The "Event Communication" offer allows you to combine this advertising with an advertising dress, which dresses the pages of our website.

You talk about sponsored publication, what does it consist of?

A sponsored post means that you write your content with your teams, like that, you keep the control of your communication to our millions of readers.

Only exception: it is quite possible to highlight an article already written by one of our journalists, in this case, this is done without the right to inspect the already existing content. Otherwise, we will offer you to write your own content, with the sponsored mention visible to readers.

A dedicated monitoring officer accompanies you in all the stages of your communication from the validation of your campaign. You will thus receive models and BAT (ready to print) of all the products to be sent, which you can adjust and validate.

Can we track its performance?

You have the possibility to follow your links, to analyze the performance of your advertising on Sortiraparis.

Do-follow links are strictly prohibited and will be automatically removed by our moderators when reviewing your content.

Will we receive a report?

Yes, one bilan final de communication is sent to you within 10 days of the end of your Communication on Sortiraparis. This report includes the key figures of your communication campaign as well as the visuals associated with the reserved products.

Can we receive a quote?

Yes‚ÄĮ! You can receive an estimate in the form of an order for the insertion of your communications, to be returned to us signed as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible at promotion@sortiraparis.com, so that we block the requested products on the requested dates. Communications can be activated on the date of your choice, upon receipt of your signed Insertion Order.